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Service for Ordinary Members: USD 100.00 PER YEAR
 1. Freely release information about your products and recruitment and current events.
 2. Freely publicize company logo in the column of “enterprises list”
 3. Freely release demand & supply information
 4. Freely release information on the magazine of China Tile & Sanitaryware for one or two times
 5. Members can take part in every events and establishments hosted by our association in preference.
 6. New members will be offered 20% discount for subscription of < China Tile & Sanitaryware magazine>.

Service for TIPS: USD 500.00 PER YEAR   
 1. TIPS members can use secret code to search a large information such as international information about supply & demand, international bidding for project, international industrial policy and local information about bidding for project.
 2. TIPS members can freely have a look at all the products in the column of “International tiles & Sanitaryware fashion design”.
 3. TIPS websites of companies can be freely connected with our website by their company logo.
 4. TIPS can freely release demand & supply information on our website.
 5. TIPS can freely release information on the magazine of <China Tile & Sanitaryware> for two or three times
 6. We help TIPS to design and establish website or pages of website at a preferential cost
 7. We can preferentially introduce products to importers.
 8. We can preferentially provide services from the activities hosted by China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association
 9. New members will be offered 30% discount for subscription of < China Tile & Sanitaryware magazine>.

Service for VIP: USD 4000.00 PER YEAR  
 1. VIP members can enjoy all services for ordinary members and TIPS members.
 2. Your company brand and logo can be freely put on the top of homepage for 6 months.
 3. Introduction about product, design of webpage, links of companies and other services can be serviced freely for VIP.
 4. Consultant about marketing and hunting for elite can be provided freely
 5. Internal information in our website can be searched freely, including information about project, company lists in this industry, international purchaser lists and the billboard of industry.
 6. Products from VIP can be introduced to domestic projects and international project.
 7. We can support VIPs by web technology freely. Design of homepage can be provided freely.
 8. VIPs can be received two <China Tile & Sanitaryware > magazines and two editorial advertisements of “fashionable decoration” in CTS magazine and a book about describing experience of elites in ceramics freely. The book describing experience of elites in ceramics is called “Lu Bian Ji Ye” in Chinese.
 9. We provide freely translation service.
 10. VIPs can be gain preferential services involving products promotion meetings, quality supervision, domestic & overseas exhibition, market investigation, water or energy saving certification according to request.
 11. Information about new products and activities can be released on website.
 12. The profile of companies and its products can be introduced in the English version.


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