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Shanghai ASA Ceramic Co., Ltd
     Shanghai ASA Ceramic Co., Ltd is a joint venture company invested by ASA Group Holdings Ltd. With

"ASA” as its trademark, the company was incorporated in Shanghai in June 1998 and its total

investment is USD 49.9 million.
In addition to the production of high-grade artistic glazed tiles, the company introduced the most
advanced polishing tile production line to deal with manufacture of large-scale century stones. Now
we have launched several series such as Flashing Jewel Series, Tissue series, Soft-structured Stone
Series, Soluble Salt Series etc.
ASA century stone boasts the top level and standard in the ceramic industry. ASA's over 80 kinds of
products and 20 kinds of CAD tiles provided the modern people with multiple choices, created perfect
humanity space and artistic and elegant lifestyle.

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