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Foshan Global Bridge Import & Export Co., Ltd.
    Foshan Global Bridge Import & Export Co., Ltd. (GB for short) is a link that builds up the communication of Chinese tile manufacturers and world trade market, and brings the vast and profound tile culture to the whole world.

    The core service of our company relies in five components:
    1) Provide maximum insurance for clients by GB's superior quality control ability
    2) Supply unique and outstanding product design service and GB maintains stable high quality
    3) Understand and satisfy client's true needs by using GB's professional communication skills
    4) Build up the long term relationship with clients by GB's rich tile trading experience
    5) Comfort clients with GB's good reputation

    By understanding client's standard and request in product sourcing, GB provides superior and individual design product. Moreover, GB can do better than the competitors and manufacturers in maintaining and continuing the quality of each product as well as the service. We hope to make clients feel truly relaxed and comfortable.

    To start cooperating with GB is very simple and you can just follow the following steps. Firstly, we will introduce our products by pictures and samples, and most importantly, we will explain how to use and install the products to help clients choose the right products. Secondly, before receiving the order, we will clarify and reach agreement in terms of packaging, delivery time, payment terms and documents required. Then, after receiving the order, we will arrange the production and report the estimate finishing time to the clients in order to help book the container in advance. Before packing the goods, our professional quality inspectors will check and record the product quality according to GB's standard and clients' special requirements. Besides, the loading of container will be supervised by GB's inspectors and the photos of the site will be sent to the clients. After the sailing of the vessel, one set of shipping document will be sent by speedy courier to client's appointed address. The clients can just wait freely for the vessel to reach the destination port.

    Good communication means good understanding and good relationship. We hope to build up good relationships with clients from different regions and countries.

If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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