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General Principles:

1.The name of the association is China Building Ceramic & Sanitary Ware Association, abbreviation: CBCSA (China Building Ceramics & Sanitaryware Association).

2.The association is a non-profit association set up in accordance with relevant regulations and policies, representing the companies engaged in the engineering, manufacturing, equipment supply, import & export trade service of building & sanitary ceramics and accessories in China on the basis of self-willingness, equality and mutual benefits regardless of the department they belong to, their regions or ownerships.

3.The purpose of the association is to provide services for enterprises and offer the industry with services, communication, harmonization, justness, self-discipline, supervisions and administration; to serve as bridge and ligament between the government and enterprises and as brainman and assistant as well. To promote the development of the industry, to maintain the legal rights and interests of the enterprises. To comply with state Constitution, law, code and social morality and carry out the government's guideline and policy.

4.The association is registered in the State of Civil Department of People's Republic of China . It receives guide of China Building Material Industry Association consigned by Economic & Trade Committee of PRC and supervision of State of Civil Department of PRC.

5.Address: No.11 San Lihe Rd , Haidian District, Beijing Zip code: 100831
Operation Coverage
In nationwide industry of building ceramics, sanitary ware and industrial ceramics, CBSCA organizes following work:

1. Develop industry investigation, issue industry information, actively put forward to the government the suggestion concerning the developing programming, technical and economic policy and economic legislation of the industry. And take part in the establishment, organization and implementation of the industrial policy and law.

2. Constitute professional moral guide line, guile regulations and agreement, constitute industry self-discipline, restrict non-administration behavior, promote equal competition and maintain the whole benefits of the industry.

3. Participate in constituting and carrying out the criterions of the industry. Recommend excellent products to the society and help the government eliminate the fake products.

4. Maintain the members' legal rights and interests, balance the relationship between the members and other enterprises.

5. Provide career education and training to the talents, hold the reporting meeting and seminar relevant to the industry and edit and publish the magazine and technique information of the association.

6. Provide technical communication and consulting service and technical and economic information from home and abroad to the members; hold products exhibition, offer marketing information, assist the members to carve out the market and the production promotion activities

7. Promote commonweal cause of the industry and other activities which will benefit the development of the industry

8. Keep in touch with the overseas relevant industry and organization; develop the international economic and technical communication and cooperation

9. Undertake other proceeding consigned by the government and relevant sections


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