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Students of China Senior Buddhist Institute of Tibetan Visit China Ceramic City.
--------2008-5-13 8:55:05

      CCC News: A visiting group of 33 people from China Senior Buddhism Institute of Tibetan arrived in Foshan City On April 28th. They came and visited Foshan Ceramic City, along with the leaders of United Front Work Department of Foshan Committee.

      It is known that China Senior Buddhist Institute of Tibetan is the top school of Tibetan Buddhism in modern China. It was founded by 10th Panchen Lama and ex-president of Buddhist Association of China, Justify Zhao Puchu, which has cultivated over 600 students for Tibetan Buddhism since it was founded 21 years ago.

     According to what GA Lama, a teacher of Buddhism Institute said, he is a monk of Labrang M. of Gansu Province, and now he is in the position of Class Advisor of Buddhism Institute in Beijing. In this trip to the south China, students has been to Shenzhen, Zhongshan, and next stop will be Guangzhou. In the showroom of China Ceramics City, various modern art of ceramic gained a big praise from the monks and surprised them greatly. Since the trip is a little bit short, many young monks wanted to stay longer to see more products.( Ed. by Zhao Yue)
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